Friday, May 1, 2015

The First Alliance

This is a story I wrote several years ago, probably back in 2003 or 2004, as a submission for the Worcester State Short Fiction competition.  I rushed it though, and the final product was not fully edited, and the ending was still wishy-washy in my opinion.  That being said, I ended up wining 2nd place that year - so I always felt like I owed it to the story to go back and finish editing it for real ...

so here it is.  I dug it out of an old folder where it has been waiting patiently.  I'll try to keep the edits to a minimum- and it will definitely be in more than one 'part,' due to length   <- DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

The First Alliance
Written by Jonathan Kelly

     The two of us crept through the tall, yellow grass, keeping our bellies low and our movements silent.  We had caught a new smell on the wind that morning.  Now our salvation lay just beyond a low ridge, only feet away.

The First Alliance pt.2

... When I next opened my eyes, the sun was gone, and night was fully upon me.  I rolled over and looked around.  All of the creatures I could see were asleep, grumbling quietly to themselves.  I tested my strength and found I could stand.  I walked on unsure feet, as quietly as I could, around the camp, searching for my father.  I came instead upon the slim male, crouching low next to the fire pit, as I had seen him before.  He had a long, charred stick in his hand which he poked listlessly into the glowing embers.  His head turned as I approached, despite my tries at silence.