Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 5- Episode one Recap

I posted this over on the io9 review written by the extremely talented Charlie Jane Andrews... I figured I'd put it up here as well for posterity :)

Here we go...

I look at this episode from an architectural perspective - at the end of last season, we saw the completion of a massive, beautiful cathedral that was the House of Lannister.  We then saw it burned to the ground in a single, swift stroke.  

This felt very much like the foundations were being laid for the next several seasons worth of plots … and while watching foundations being forged isn’t as exciting as, say, the Hound and Brienne having the swordfight of the century - or watching the battle of the Blackwater - it makes all the difference in the end.  Let’s dive right in, spoilers ahead...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Life Through a Cat's Eye Lens #1

     In celebration of the upcoming game in the next year, I decided I should get back into drawing and releasing comics on a regular basis to keep my pen sharp.  Let's call then warm up comics. It's been a while since I've done any kind of sequential art - so this should be fun!  Let's dive right back in.  I expect I will be rusty and clunky for a while, but it's high time to start putting more illustrations out there - even if they're questionable by my standards haha.

     This comic is about cats.  Specifically my cat.  Although my cat isn't actually orange, rest assured, this is a daily ritual that repeats on an endless loop throughout the weeks, months, and years.  Welcome to my world.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Abe Sapien Skanks

Abe is deep into the ska / crust punk scene.  He's so deep he's underwater.

High Seas Ahoy!

     Pirates! Cannons! Battleships! Earn vast wealth as you trade between bountiful islands and confront cutthroat enemies to plunder their treasures. Captain might vessels and command your salty crew as you seek revenge on your mutinous former 1st Mate …

     High Seas … coming Winter 2015

     My friend and roommate James Johnson and I have been working for the past year and half on creating a video game that we can be proud of and share with the general public.  We're ramping up our production, and aiming to have Alpha testing underway by early summer.  I'll be checking in here regularly with updates, follow our progress on Twitter, Tumblr and of course Facebook.

     Keep and eye out, we'll need your help and support as the months go on :)