Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quick Cat Comic

Warm Up Grifter (Wildcats!)

Yes, this comic existed - the mid-90's were an interesting time for super heroes... it seemed like everyone was trying to get a little more 'hip' and 'edgy' with the youth of America - I would say our good pal Thor- WOOPS, I mean Thunderstrike is a good indicator of the times.  There were many pony-tails, shoulder pads, ear-rings, and pushed-up-sleeve-jackets for all of us growing youth to look up to and admire.

Grifter was a request from my old friend Tony - an excellent call since I haven't done a single Image character yet, even though their books made up sizable portion of my youthful comic collection.  Maybe I should do Pitt next, or the Maxx?  So many options!

I kept it very quick today, just a fast Manga Studio pencil / ink, mostly gesture- nothing solid. I'm not wonderful at drawing realistic looking guns, so those slowed me down.  Anyhow, I'll probably do a paint study later on this for fun- but for now, right to coloring today.  Just throwing it out there, coloring is by FAR the longest part of the comic drawing process for me, maybe just because I'm still teaching myself as I go?  I still enjoy it though.